50% Off!! - Tineacide Shoe Spray

50% Off!! - Tineacide Shoe Spray
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Tineacide Shoe Spray

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* Destroys 99.9% of fungus and bacteria on contact
* Aids in the prevention of toenail fungus, fungal infections and reinfections, as well as athlete’s foot
* Disinfects and deodorizes
* Penetrates, unlike powders and aerosols, for long lasting protection
* Eliminates odor
* Clinically tested
* Ideal for treating non-washables, i.e. shoes, athletic gear, sports padding, helmets, gym bags, etc.
* Over 500 doses in one bottle

Active Ingredient - Undecylenic Acid

* When sprayed directly into the shoe it will kill 99.9% of fungus and bacteria which will reduce cross-contamination from infected shoes, aid in the healing process and diminish fungal infections.

Blaine Labs Tineacide Tineacide Shoe Spray:

Eliminates offensive shoe odors and destroys fungus and bacteria on contact.
Description: Tineacide Shoe Spray eliminates offensive odors in children's shoes, work boots, athletic shoes, athletic gear, gym lockers and more. This breakthrough shoe odor spray eliminates odor at its source. By destroying more bacteria than a messy powder, Tineacdie is guaranteed to eliminate shoe odor and to keep feet fresh for days.

Recommended Use: Shake well. Spray 2 bursts directly into each shoe 2-3 times per week. Use in well ventilated area.
Active Ingredients: Undecylenic Acid 5%

Customer Reviews:
"I used to throw out shoes long before their time because they smelled so bad. Now I just use Tineacide on a regular basis and throw out my shoes when they are beat up or out of style. It can bring a smelly pair back to life as well, although it may take a few applications. It's potent stuff so try not to breathe it in when you spray."

"I really liked the spray for my summer sandals. It keeps them fresh & you won't have to deal with "stinky feet!!" (or shoes) the only part that I don't like is the spray is pretty potent! I breathed the first time I used it & it almost took my breath away! Be sure to hold your breath & don't get it close to your face. Use in well ventilated area. After spraying keep in ventilated area for a couple of hours. I used it the first time in my bedroom & I could hardly stand to be in there after I sprayed it! The next time I was a little smarter about spraying!"