Elvarex Ready-to-Wear
Lymphedema Glove

Elvarex Ready-to-Wear <br>Lymphedema Glove
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Elvarex Ready-to-Wear <br>Lymphedema Glove
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(Will fit either hand)

JOBST® Elvarex® Seamless Glove is the first seamless compression glove for the management of lymphedema.

The glove fits either hand.

  • The ends of the finger stubs have a finishing to help prevent rolling of the fabric
  • The glove has the correct anatomical design to improve comfort
  • Reinforced functional zone between thumb and index finger. This functional zone prevents pronation of the thumb and increased comfort
  • The wristband is reinforced to make the glove easier to put on and take off
  • Available in 20-30 mmHg for effective management to put on and take off
  • Reduced compression at the wrist to prevent a doubling of compression when worn with a JOBST Ready-to-Wear armsleeve