Hosiery Care Instructions

Hosiery Care Instructions

For best results, Jobst compression garments should be hand washed in warm water with specially formulated Jolastic Washing Solution or a mild dishwashing soap. You can also machine wash your stockings in warm water with a mild, phosphate-free detergent. Putting them into a mesh laundry bag during the wash cycle will also help prolong the life of your stockings.

Whether you wash them by hand or by machine, always hang or lay flat to dry. Jobst compression garments should be washed in between each wearing to remove body soil and maintain compression.

Thigh High stockings may also require additional care to ensure that the silicone band stays in place. Approximately once a week, you should clean the band using a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

Do not use chlorine bleach, fabric softener, or cold water wash on any compression garment, as it will break down the fibers.