Jobst Opaque Silky Panyhose

OPAQUE- <u> Waist High</u> -  Compression Hosiery
Jobst Opaque medical compression pantyhose is a high tech support stocking that helps manage pain and discomfort from tired, aching legs.

This gradient compression support pantyhose is physician recommended for mild leg, ankle and foot swelling, minor varicosities (varicose veins) and venous stasis as well as post surgical applications.

Jobst Opaque pantyhose has a natural cotton panel, is lightweight and durable. It is made with microfibers for an incredibly soft and smooth feel.>

Waist High Hosiery
15-20mmHg = Moderate Compression
20-30mmHg = Firm Compression
30-40mmHg = Extra Firm Compression
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