Diabetic Support Socks

<font color=black>Diabetic Support</font>
The Jobst SensiFoot diabetic sock is designed for people who experience conditions such as decreased nerve sensation caused by diabetes or foot pain associated with arthritis.  The Sensifoot Sock has many important features to help protect sensitive feet:

  • This sock incorporates physician recommended mild, non-constricting gradient compression 

  • an anti microbial finish inhibits fungal and bacterial growth
  • moisture-wicking fibers help keep feet dry throughout the day
  • accurate sizing provides a comfortable,  non-bunching fit - the sock stays up and does not wrinkle
  • toe closures are very flat and smooth; non-irritating, low profile toe seam does not dig into sensitive skin, and helps prevent abrasion
  • soft padding in the foot and toe areas helps to protect against friction on pressure points